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    November 13, 2012
    5:00 - 6:00pm EST  

first time, there was an arrest in this case and it was a tip that came through police work and the matching of this done that put it all together. joshua mebane of arrested and charged with this one and also connection with the d.c. cabdriver murder. one thing that is still up setting in waldorf, we do not know the motive. the girlfriend and joshua both wanted to rob the d.c. cabdriver. that might not be the case. they cannot definitively say what the motive is. we're live from waldorf tonight. >> keep us posted. we turn to a story you will only see on 7 tonight.
d.c. police are searching for a group of men. >> this group is wanted for crimes ranging from robbery to rape. jennifer is live in northeast tonight. >> this is extremely scary news. police stepping up their patrols in the targeted neighborhoods. they tell you these suspects are armed and dangerous. [no audio] there are four crimes that began right before midnight on friday. we did speak with one of the victims.
[no audio] we are having some technical difficulties. that was an attempted robbery. that led into a robbery of a 27- year-old woman. that went to a double rate, double robbery of two women. the men moved to their fourth victim. they tried to kidnap a 17-year- old girl. also near the capitol heights metro. the men were traveling in a red card -- red car. we have four victims, all women. we will be keeping you posted on this. >> thank you very much.
d.c. school officials announced a list of schools that could be closed next school year. this is a major blow to many parents. money is being wasted on too -- half-empty schools. >> this could be the last year for macfarlane middle school in northwest. and two dozen others in the d.c. public school system. parents learned of these supposed changes to a brochure sent home with students today. as well as a call from the chancellor. this high school and elementary school are a handful of the 20 schools proposed for closure in the district. school chancellor announced this morning that 20 schools would be shut down before the beginning of the next school year. >> these decisions are difficult. they mean transition for about 3000 students and families. we are going to do everything possible to make sure that transition goes smoothly.
>> the list breaks down like this. eight elementary, four middle, and one high school. wards 5 and 7 could see the most closures at five apiece. the chancellor says there are too many facilities with a 45,000 public school students. >> this school has been here for a long time. i met a loss for words. >> when i heard the news, i could not breathe. i feel like i failed as a parent putting my child in public school. >> to public hearings will be held on this topical closure list. they will be held in november.
the finalists is due out in january. for a complete list, go to our website, >> let's turn to the weather. a major change from yesterday. the warmth is gone. doug hill is here for what the rest of the week has in store. >> it turned out to be a nice day, clearing skies. a lot colder than it was yesterday. very nice weather, a little bit on the chilly side and cooler than recent days. all little left over rain across the eastern shore. temperatures right now, a 47 in
washington 39 in hagerstown, 47 at quantico. 20 degrees colder in washington 26 degrees colder in hagerstown. we will keep its cool and chill throughout the evening. the wins will diminish a bit, clear skies, frosty temperatures. >> east coast -- the man accused in the long list of assaults was expected to enter a guilty plea in prince william county. but he changed his mind when you went in front of the judge. >> he was set to plead guilty to five felony charges stemming from an incident in prince william county in 2009. when he did not follow through his defense attorney seemed
genuinely surprised. the prosecution was not. [no audio] okay, karen thomas stood in court today and said that he did not -- aaron thomas stood in court today and said he did not know which was right or wrong. we did speak with the prosecution. the commonwealth's attorney said he was not surprised by this behavior. he said he had been acting erratically all long. this stems from an incident in 2009 when police say that thomas had abducted three teenage girls and raped two of them. he is also called the east coast rapist. he admitted to being that person to the washington post. he is connected to 17 different
cases. somebody that police and law enforcement on the east coast have looked for four years. this goes back to 1997. it was dna evidence that led to the rest of thomas in connecticut. this happens in 2011. what is going to happen next is that in prince william county, he will go to triallater this month november 30 thomas is set to plead guilty to a different grape that took place there. -- a different rate that took place there. -- rape that took place there. >> kwame brown has been sentenced to one day in jail for bank fraud. he was sentenced today in northwest washington after pleading guilty to the charge and a second proceeding. coming up tonight at 6:00, srd has
been following this case. >> the sex scandal involving david petraeus has taken a new turn. the investigation is expanding. the man who took over for petraeus, general john allen, is also surrounded in scandal. >> suddenly, there is a lot more riding on this investigation. two commanders are under the microscope. petraeus is out as cia director. he replaced david petraeus in afghanistan. he is alongside him in this scandal. general john allen, 48 hours from confirmation, saw his hearings put on hold. >> you're going to watch this closely. -- we are going to watch this
closely. >> the allegations that he sent hundreds of supposedly flirtatious, inappropriate e- mails to jill kellie, the same woman who sparked the petraeus investigation. allen has denied wrongdoing. >> i know she is a good mother and a good wife. i know what ever it was was a conspiracy. >> for the first time today, the white house's take on the timing of it all. the president was not informed until friday. >> the president was certainly surprised when he was informed about the situation. >> the white house -- made evident by the search of paula broadwell's house overnight.
people arewe will talk about that. there's still plenty of chatter on capitol hill about the timing of this and how it could affect the hearings on the attacks in libya. >> a lot to cover. we will have much more on the scandal at 5:30. we will take a look at how these personal allegations are even more serious because of the military backgrounds. coming up, the bowie state murder trial. >> of very strange case, he created the internet security system. but now he is on the run. >> what you need to know before you pack up and head out the door to travel for the
thanksgiving holiday. >> no one can give for what i am giving her. >> the big changes coming to is a maryland hospitals that could
>> is no secret that breast feeding is good for newborns, but not every mother chooses to go there. >> there is a push in maryland hospitals to get more mothers to breast feed. >> right now, more than 75% of mothers breast speedball there still hospital. but they do not stick with it. that rate plummets to 25%. she was -- he was just born yesterday. he was nursing in at no time. >> cut the cord and he was breast-feeding in 16 minutes or so. >> it is now considered the ideal. officials called on all maryland hospitals to make it possible. >> develop a supportive environment that helps moms. >> the voluntary recommendations
include keeping mother and baby together 24-7 moller in the hospital. no pacifiers. >> less incidence of asthma allergies, and diabetes. >> shady grove has stopped accepting formula from companies. the offer private rooms were staffers can nurse or stored their milk. >> my mother did not breast feed me. if i am having a hard time, she will say let's give her a bottle of formula. >> officials say support for breast-feeding moms need to continue once she is home and back to work. >> i do not know how many times i have gone out or i do not have enough diapers, but i have milk.
>> some others or choose -- cannot or choose not to breastfeed and officials say that is completely their choice. the goal is to support those who do breastfeed as long as possible. >> the legendary rockefeller center christmas tree -- this norway spruce is coming from new jersey. a town that was battered by hurricane sandy. the treated survive. -- tree did survive. >> that is a symbol of survival like all of the people there. >> a short trip. it is colder now than it was
this time yesterday. the sun went down about 25 minutes ago. nothing but blue skies. temperatures are going to plummet, into the 20's by morning. we have wind chills working out there. leesburg, 46. prince george's county, 45. get ready for a very chilly night and wake up tomorrow below average temperatures for another five, six, seven more days. half an inch of rain at reagan national airport.
rush hour, not too pleasant tomorrow. 47 at reagan national. 37 degrees in cumberland. 49 degrees in fredericksburg. we still have that breeze out there. there is definite tilt in the air. temperatures will drop. we have an average wake of temperature in your 32. we're watching a time lapse history of this cold front with clouds and rain fall. early this morning and watched it pushed through. rapid clearing around midday. it did turn into a beautiful afternoon. this will continue to -- we will have a lot of sunshine. if this will keep temperatures below average.
some luster off the coast along that cold front. it will kind of -- some moisture off the coast along that cold front. some chance that we may see some postal system developed in the sunday-sunday evening time frame. we will keep an eye on it. all right, as far as numbers go, 35 in the morning. the next seven days, the numbers stay just below the seasonal averages in the mid-50's. other than that, we will have to wait and see. another coastal storm is possible but we will continue to watch the computer models. >> ok. >> not too early for a lot of
folks to are already thinking about christmas. we're already getting into the holidays. at 87 -- abc 7. >> all you have to do is this, watch good morning washington for the clue of the day. go to you'll be entered for the chance to win a $500 safeway gift card. a winner will be announced every day until next tuesday. on wednesday, one winner will get a $5,000 gift card. >> that is a lot of turkey. >> good luck, folks. ko'd still to come tonight, why police in another country are looking for the man who greeted one of the country's biggest internet security software companies. >> planning to travel for thanksgiving? i will tell
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>> it is so hard to believe that thanksgiving is next week of ready. >> right around the corner. if you plan on traveling, get ready to travel with thousands of your closest friends on the asphalt. >> millions of your friends. here are the headlines.
43.6 million people will be traveling for the holidays, at 90% will be going by car. the biggest traveled -- the busiest travel days will be wednesday, sunday, and monday. by land and by air, a mad dash to get out of town this thanksgiving. been skidding travel increase for a fourth consecutive year -- thanksgiving travel will increase for a fourth consecutive year. >> i am a lot more conscious about gas. trying to fill out -- fill up before the gas prices tend to rise. >> many people will opt for shorter travel this thanksgiving. >> we will not drive as far as we did last year. they will spend a little bit
less 10% less. >> despite airline prices down 11%, aaa projects -- predicts there will be a sharp decrease in airline passengers. >> it is about a nine-hour drive. you have to weigh it against the options. a flying is still a better option. >> if you plan on flying, good luck. if you plan on flying out of national, reagan is expected to be the ninth busiest airport in the entire country this thanksgiving. >> ok, thank you very much. we will have your winter
outlook. >> the petraeus sex scandal has many americans asking questions about military law and how an affair can be an offense that could land you in jail. >> the boys state murder trial gets under way.
>> the trial for eight bowie state -- alexis simpson is accused in the murder of dominique frazier. brad bell is live from the courthouse. >> it could mean everything to the defense and the prosecution because they are the ones who saw what happened. it was an emotional day in court as they took the stand. they describe the night they
watched their friends die. dominique frazier died of stab wounds september 15, 2011. her college roommate, alexis simpson, slung the knife. prosecutors say it is a case of murder brought on by bad choices. defense attorneys argued that it is self-defense prompted by dominique frazier's bullying. the jury will decide the truth. it is a painful process for both families. >> both parents have lost their only child. it hurts to hear this repeated all over again. >> there has been a dramatic day in court. dominique frazier's closest friend describes an increasingly hostile relationship. on that night, it came to a violent conclusion in a fight which began over loud music and
ended with a cutting. the witness testified that simpson was the aggressor. she admitted that another friend fought since then -- simpson. dominique frazier had a knife of her own. >> she was not able lead. -- a bully. >> as it stands, alexis simpson is charged with first-degree murder. once the state rests, the defense will make a motion that that charge be dismissed. dad is up to the judge to rule at that point. -- that is up to the judge to rule that point. >> time now for a look at today's other top stories. a 17-year-old accused of killing a d.c. cabdriver has been connected to the murder of
a woman on a footpath. joshua mebane is facing first- degree murder charges in the death of theresa, who was shot while walking her dog. >> d.c. police are searching for a group of men wanted for a series of violent crimes committed in one night. ranging from robbery to rape and targeted women. the crime spree started friday just before midnight and ended at 4:00 a.m. saturday on 44th street. >> petraeus resigned friday after admitting to an extramarital affair. general john allen, the top commander of the u.s. forces in afghanistan, is under investigation for inappropriate communications with jill kellie. many people cannot understand why a personal affair would have such large ramifications in the military field. the military has a very strict code of conduct.
if the allegations are true, to the highest-ranking military officials could be in serious trouble. >> most cases of adultery -- because these two men are so powerful, there cases could wind up in court. they were at lunchtime to the most powerful military leaders in america. -- they were at a one time two of the most powerful military leaders in america. >> i do not understand what the big brouhaha is about it. why does it matter? >> many americans do not understand how one of their can have such serious consequences for the former cia director and the man who succeeded petraeus as head of the military campaign in afghanistan. petraeus can still face military justice. >> the expect military members
to hold such values. >> lisa winters explains why sexual misconduct is so serious. >> not only that you had sex with somebody that was not your spouse that did this had an effect on morale and discipline. >> general allan only faces allegations of sending inappropriate e-mails, a woman who calls herself a family friend of david petraeus. allen denies he was involved in any sexual liaison. >> it is a sad day for our country. >> experts and military justice said cases of adultery rarely end up in military court. if they are pursued and it is the affair happens within a combat unit there are serious
ramifications. >> lots more to learn about this story. abc world news will have continuing coverage of the petraeus scandal. good evening, diane. this is ongoing. >> good evening to you. we are investigating the story of the new general caught up in the petraeus affair. what really happened and more on that woman in tampa behind the new headline. >> i am so happy to see that you are focusing on that incredible story. this is one of the courageous performances i've ever seen. >> this is about willing yourself through fear. you will watch it happen, a
panic attack and on camera. he manages to turn that fear into success. >> you can watch those stories and more tonight right after abc 7 news at 6:00. >> is it going to be a snowy winter? the winter outlook is still ahead. >> i will do whatever it takes to stay alive. >> by the security creator is in hiding, wanted for questioning in a serious crime. >> our first look at the beltway express lanes.
>> police are urging anti virus software pioneer john mcafee to come in for questioning in the shooting death of his neighbor. >> he is in hiding, that is the police to killed his neighbor. he also accused the police of trying to frame him and poisoning his dogs.
>> he sounded scared, he sounded nervous. he was convinced that the police for going to kill him. >> he tells how he hit on the floor of taxicabs and buried himself in sand with the box over his head. neighbors described him as paranoid and violent. >> two snowboarders have been found tonight. the two men are now being evaluated. they got stranded on sunday. rescue crews reach the men today after battling some rough weather conditions. >> good evening. we do have some heavy delays on
270 heading northbound. an accident in frederick county. the accident has been cleared, a left shoulder is blocked. in early above the belt way -- inner loop of about wasting some heavy traffic. southbound delays continue through woodbridge. that will continue through quantico. an earlier accident on the outer loop. delays across the woodrow wilson bridge? and has been cleared. >> coming up next, how some students and professors are protesting a smoking ban at a local university. >> the highly anticipated winter
>> a tale of two winters. >> what type of winter can we
expect this season? most of us would choose the one from last year. >> that was pretty mild. here's the deal. two weeks ago hurricane sandy created blizzard conditions. powerful nor'easter dropped snow on areas of new york and new jersey. are these indications that people have a snowy winter? typically, when forecasting the outlook, we monitor the ocean temperatures in the equatorial pacific. this season, it neither of these cycles is dominant. it gives us a little insight. >> the odds would have been increased. some of the historic types of big snowstorms have been associated. >> we have to focus on more
localized air pressure patterns. these are rapidly cycling weather patterns that blocked and steer cold there are rahman northern hemisphere. -- of around the northern hemisphere. now that pattern is in a positive face. when that happens, we usually get mild weather. if the pattern is negative, the chances of storms will increase. we have to believe it will go- again. given the neutral and our reliance on the circulation patterns, we think temperatures will be slightly below average this winter. snow lovers, take heart. there is still a chance of a major east coast snowstorm. anything is better than the 2 inches of snow we received last year. this is our outlook. in the immediate metro area,
10-14 inches. northwest suburbs, closer to 18. all of these values across the map are below our average snowfall. there is hope for snow lovers. last year, 2 inches at reagan national airport. we will see how we will do. winter does not begin for a little over a month. they have been falling all afternoon, 39 right now. these values are run anywhere from 20-25 degrees colder than yesterday. all that was expected with a big area of high pressure moving in from the northwest. 27-35 tonight. through the day tomorrow, it
looks delightful. r average high is 59. looking ahead to the next seven days temperatures will be below average. a lot of sunshine for the weekend. we're keeping an eye on another coastal low pressure area. we're calling for a 30% chance of rain. if he would like more on the winter outlook check out you can check out a blog we just posted. a little background. maybe we got the forecast right this year. >> good d.o.. -- big deal. we have some breaking news. the 24-year-old man of having an underage sexual relationship,
that man has recanted his claims. clash has spent years as the voice of elmo. no word on when he bore return to work. let's see what is coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> the scandal surrounding former cia chief david petraeus since to be expanding. coming up at 6:00, we have more on the others whose names have been brought into this. sentencing date for kwame brown. we will tell you why his jail time will be ours, not days or years. >> to couples will be sent him tonight on "and dancing with the stars. "" the all-star is performed with
two professional dancers. melissa leads the pack. kirstie alley is at the bottom. that isn't it o'clock. -- that is at 8:00. >> these are heady times for the nationals. we're still talking baseball. the nationals have never won any of these four major baseball awards. davey johnson is out for manager of the year. he is the easy choice. johnson took a team that struggled just to get out of the basement. no disrespect to the other finalists, but johnson made a huge difference with this club. he was the perfect skipper to this team.
he raised expectations print manager of the year, it will be announced within the next hour. the redskins are ready to start the second half of this season against philadelphia. as they prepare for the eagles, michael vick is trying to come back from a concussion. sources say he will not play against the redskins on sunday. the redskins are preparing for both. >> you will have one game plan. >> we are preparing the same way. we have to be ready for him. >> more on the redskins at 6:00. did you see that high school quarterback in north carolina? he is being recorded by everybody. he is only a junior. he threw 10 touchdowns in one game.
more than 800 yards in one game. his team won at 104-80. this camera man shooting began, lookout. to his credit, he never dropped the camera. that is our shot of the day. never hit the ground. >> he is seeing stars. >> speaking of stars we're not the only ones -- we have to give our congratulations. tim brant has done a great job. >> the luncheon was held celebrating. at this luncheon, tim was
honored with the distinguished terrapin award. he is a dedicated university of maryland alumni. it is well deserved. >> that is awfully nice. it was a great afternoon. it is always spectacular. the center for sports to nihilism was great. -- the center for sports journalism was great.
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from strep throat to sinus infections with no appointment necessary, so you can feel better in no time. minuteclinic, the medical clinic in cvs pharmacy now offering flu shots every daday, no appointment necessary. find a clinic near you at >> george washington university wants to ban smoking on campus. that has students and faculty members at said. >> they took part in a special protest. >> of these students to announced a new george washington university policy. they gathered on campus to do something they will not be able to do when george washington university goes ahead with its plan to make the school healthier. >> a scheduled a campus wide
band. >> these smokers do not dispute the health dangers. they said for some smokers to retreat from campus and poses a different kind of danger. >> 3:00 a.m., you want to have a cigarette after you've had a couple of drinks. >> no smoking on campus property even outdoors. 25 feet away from buildings when standing on public property. >> 25 feet away from a building is the middle of the road. we might be smokers but we're not that suicidal. we are forced off campus and that becomes a security issue. >> not everyone here is an agreement. >> it is not like -- it is courtesy for other people. >> a large number of students looks forward to the campus wide
ban. >> sometimes, it is like, on the streets, too. >> the protest against the ban on smoking did not exactly draw a massive crowd. it is slated to take effect next september. >> that does it for abc 7 news at 5:00. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 6, on your side. >> good evening. more people tangled up in the web of scandal surrounding david petraeus. >> is started with the reported affair between petraeus and his biographer, paula